Hi! My name is Dr. Monica Marcelis Fochtman. That’s a mouthful and hard to pronounce so, feel free to call me Monica.

I’m the person who asks the “WHY” questions. I am always looking for ways to improve processes and coach individuals, teams, and organizations to be their best. As a learner and activator, I quickly see others’ potential and then co-create developmental opportunities to help them get there. I believe in people. As a consultant and coach I use my education, skills, experience and finely tuned intuition to steer people and organizations towards their dreams.

I bring creativity, strong writing skills, and vision to the team. I am an early adopter who sees gaps and collaborates with colleagues and organizations to fill them. I am a catalyst for change and thrive in organizations that embrace new ideas, take risks, and encourage autonomy and creativity.

I have advised, mentored, and consulted with student leaders, young professionals, and organizations across all disciplines and all levels of study. Highlights from my work in higher education include:
* Experience at large, public universities and small, religiously based institutions
* Demonstrated proficiency in academic advising, career development, and leadership development
* Adept at running small, developmental workshops and planning large-scale events
* Conducted MBTI-based leadership development workshops for over 200 clients
* Written communications that I created are still in use today

I look forward to working and learning with you!